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Automatic Air Maintenance Panel

The Inbal Automatic Air Maintenance
Panel series 391 automatically maintains
the air or nitrogen pressure within preset
limits in a dry pipe sprinkler system or a
dry pilot line which actuate Deluge or
Preaction system. The Inbal series 391 is
mainly used in applications sourced by
higher pressure than required for a dry
The Automatic Air Maintenance Panel
consists of a Restriction Orifice, two
Pressure Gauges for monitoring the
supply and system air pressures, and a
Air Pressure Supervisory Switch which
may be connected through a control
panel to any electric alarm. All these
components are mounted in a Stainless
Steel cabinet. The Inbal Panel 391 also
includes a Pressure Regulator, YStrainer,
Check Valve, and a Bypass
Valve for fast fill of a dry pipe sprinkler
system. Two Unions are provided for
ease of installation. All components are
factory assembled as a device, tested and
set to 30 psi (2.1 bar).
Exclusion of the Pressure Regulator for
air systems where pressure reduction is
not needed as well as exclusion of the
Pressure Supervisory Switch for Dry
Pipe and Preaction Valves where the
Pressure Switch is part of the control
trim, is available by specifying the
corresponding model number.

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